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Scavenge for Food Like a Pro After the Zombie Apocalypse

By Ken Burgess

You’ve heard all the stories of what life used to be like before the Zombie Apocalypse (ZA). Everyone in the US had a nice place to live, with plenty of electricity, running water, and food up the yin yang that was stored in nice cold refrigerators and freezers. Well buddy, those days are long gone. Lucky for you, I am here to tell you the best technique to find food in this wasteland that used to be called America. Take notes. If you don’t have paper, steal this guide and keep it with you like your life depended on it!

First, you need a map of the city in which you are in. If you don’t have a map, you can possibly find one at the nearest gas station, bookstore, or grocery story and possibly at a hardware store. You will also need a can of spray-paint to help you identify the houses and locations you have already searched so that you won’t go in to the same location twice, which you and I know is a very unnecessary risk.

Always travel in a small group. The more the merrier. Optimum size should be around five in your group so you can cover each other’s backs while travelling through zombie-infested territory. Divide your city into quadrants such as Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. If you are familiar with what store are where on the map, that’s a good start. Head towards the outer neighborhoods first, on the outskirts of town.

Chances are good the population ran out of town without a lot of pre-thought about taking all their food with them. Go in as a group into each home, guns and weapons at the ready to attack and kill any zombies that may be lurking in the home. Search all the pantries and cupboards in the kitchen first. The go into the basement and search there if there is one. If not, search for an attic. No attic? OK, search the perimeter of the home for any sheds or underground bunkers.

Once you have grabbed everything you can find, go back to the front of the house and mark one of the main walls with your spray-paint your group symbol that would indicate that you have searched this home. Your group symbol could be anything from a glyph made from your initials, to a few letters of your group name.

Don’t have a group name? Make one up and keep using it in the future, and make sure you show everyone in your group what your group name or mark looks like. Do this so that you won’t have to return to this home again, slowing down your search in the future. This will also alert other scavenging groups that the house has already been searched so that they should move on to the next place. Not only will you be helping yourself, but you will also be providing a valuable public service to your fellow human beings free of charge. How nice of you! Who said there was no hope left for humanity in this new Dark Age?

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