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A few years ago, I considered a blog or site that would present dining options on the Central Coast with contests to drive people to the venues for great bargains and experiences. It wasn’t until mid 2017 that I actually moved forward with the concept, with the encouragement of my daughter. As a Cal Poly student, she pointed out a need for students and people on a budget to be able to save money, and find options such as discounts, specials, and other deals for their budgets. Thus, this site was started.

I ask that you help contribute for the benefit of others here on the Central Coast. To do that, simply go to the appropriate page, either Restaurant Deals, Happy Hours, or Contests, and use the form there to pass the information on to us.

If you own a venue, contact us with special promotions we can provide our visitors like 20% off their check, a free drink with purchase, or other enticing special that can be exclusive to our visitors. This will also help you attract more people as our traffic increases. Thanks for visiting with us, and helping to create a community of bargains and benefits.

Gerald Craig

Other Sources

There are many sources for information on dining options, although they do not always indicate any special deals or happy hours. Many ask for you to sign up with your Facebook account, but I choose not to. I do not want them to have access to my contacts and information. I present a few apps and sources here for you, not in any particular order:

  • Yelp is well known, but are you familiar with all the functions available for searching and sorting? I suggest you try several functions on Yelp to get the best info out of it. You can even limit the area of your search by custom selection. You can also order delivery or pickup through this Yelp function.
  • Tripadvisor is a great place to find ratings and reviews about restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. I also provide feedback and ratings here, and have a few thousand views for my account. This also has some nifty filters.
  • Foursquare is another app to find places. It is similar to Yelp or Tripadvisor, but not as well proven. The CEO is young and this app appeals to a younger group.
  • Google Maps has been another source I use to be able to find restaurants and such in an area. It will tell you if a business is open now, you can search by what time you will want to visit a restaurant so only those open at that time will show up in your search, and you have many other functions. It is easier to use on a smart phone than on a computer or tablet.
  • If you need more information about their food etc., Menu Club actually shows you wnat is available.
  • There are a few inadequate sources you will find, that provide a select few restaurants, many of which show only members or sponsored listings like each Chamber of Commerce showing only paid C of C members. You will find sites that cater to wine tasting and tourists, or a special group of people like pet lovers. For instance, there is San Luis Obispo Vacations, SF Gate from San Francisco Examiner, Visit San Luis Obispo County, you can find places that allow you to bring your dog at Bring Fido, find Vegan or Vegetarian selections through Happy Cow.

You will find specific websites maintained by the restaurants themselves to give you more info about their atmosphere, pricing, and specialties. Of course, none of this provides locations that have great deals, discounts, or happy hours. That is what we are here to provide you.

I provide these links simply for your reference and do not endorse or suggest any of them. I will occasionally check these links, but if you find a bad link or have a complaint about the source, use this form to let me know:

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