Owner/Manager Wine Tasting Update

Below is the form for managers and business owners to submit information or updates for our Wine Tasting page. To submit Winery info, please go to that page to submit your information. Please indicate if you would like us to contact you monthly to request updates so you do not forget to keep your listings updated. Please also indicate if you wish to have sponsored listings, video, and blog posts for your business. We would like to add an exclusive offer from your winery or wine tasting room, if you would be kind enough to add one at the bottom of our form.

Description of input boxes and information requested:

1-5. This is for the winery/tasting information to be available to post on our website. Do not provide private information here. That is entered below.

6. We must know you are providing information officially so we will confirm this info.

7. Please be as detailed as possible in listing your winery/tasting information. It should look as follows:

Day(s) of week, Hours (if any) of specials: Description of special, Price, any other terms or requirements, Repeat Description/Price/Terms for any other day of week/hour change, Repeat all for each day or group of days.

ex. Monday thru Friday 4-7 pm: Early bird tasting with free appetizers to share. / Sun 9 – 2: One free glass to taste from our selection.

8-10. This is your contact information, either personal or business. This information will not be posted publicly.

11. Check yes if you want us to contact you monthly (using information from questions 8-10) to remind you to update your listing information. If you check no, we will not follow up with you.

12. Check yes if you want us to contact you about sponsored listings, videos, or blog posts about your business.

13. Offer deals exclusively to our visitors. Make it a special that can be ordered so you know they found you here. Please provide details and a “keyword” or “discount code” for our visitors to use. Suggestion: “Ask for your SLO Restaurant Deals Special to get 20% off 3 or more bottles purchased”.

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